Lilium Candidum Extract/white lily extract*

White Lily, Nymphaea alba has herbal applications, the rhizome and the flowers are used in herbal preparations as an astringent, as an antiseptic, an irritable bowel relief and as an aphrodisiac.

The Plant - Lilium Candidum

It grows throughout Mediterranean regions and western Asia. It probably originated in Persia and Syria. White lily is a perennial plant growing up to 60-150 cm in height. It s a bulb species with large scaly white bulbs, about 1 m tall stalks, and linear leaves; some leaves attached to the base of the stalk, spreading around it, other leaves erect, lanceolate, with slightly dentate margins. Flowers are rather large and strikingly white. Each flower has six slightly curved petals and six stamens with white filaments and
long yellow anthers.

The strongly aromatic white lilies bloom from May onwards. Seeds can be harvested from August to September. Bulbs are odorless, with a bitter and mucilaginous taste. Bulbs are harvested in August and can be used fresh or dried. Bulbs and flowers are the parts of the white lily plant that are used for therapeutic purposes.

The essential oil, extracted from flowers (0,3%), is rich in vanillin (up to 2,5%), p-hydroxy-m-methoxytoluene (up to 50%), p-cresol, linalol, terpineol, phenylethyl alcohol and its esters, with acetic, palmitic, benzoic, propionic and cinnamic acids. Flowers also contain flavonoids (kaempherol and its derivatives), lilaline, jatrophine and carotenoids.

Bulbs contain starch (about 14%), soluble polysaccharides (glucomannan)-4,
phytosterols, pyrrolic alkaloids, amino acids, such as g-methylene glutamic acid, and tannins. 2. d- methylene glutamic acid can be found in the bulb scales. By blooming time, bulbs and roots contain abundant amounts of the later acid, together with its lactone derivative - a-methylene-butyrolactone - and mineral salts, noticeably boron. Novel saponins of the spirostanol and furostanol types have been identified in Lilium candidum bulbs.

White Lily is an astringent mucilaginous herb that heals damaged and irritated skin and tissue. It is used as an emollient cataplasm for tumors, ulcers and external inflammation, as well as for tumors, corns, burns and scalds. It is especially helpful in healing burns and wounds, as it helps to effect a cure, but without leaving any scar.

Bulbs have traditionally been applied as a poultice for its properties as a demulcent and abscess or boil reliever. It has also been used to treat ulcers, wounds and burnt skin. White lily vinegar is popularly used against warts. Some recent studies show that the saponins present in the bulbs of Lilium candidum L. can inhibit epidermal carcinogenesis promoters. Lily flowers extract is used in cosmetics to treat cuperosis.

The chemical composition of bulbs (saponins and polysaccharides) gives the extract soothing, anti-inflammatory and protective properties. The extract also has hydrating and emollient properties (polysaccharides). Therefore, it can be added to all types of formulations aimed at dry, irritated or sensitive skin. Soluble polysaccharides have a filmogenic action on skin, which promotes skin hydration. They act by holding water, consequently maintaining the right moisture level in the horny layer, which in turn improves skin flexibility. Polysaccharides are included in the group of hydrocolloids. These substances act by increasing viscosity, stabilizing emulsions and maintaining optimal moisture levels.

The information presented in this report is public knowledge and comes from public sources such as supplier s data sheets, specialized books, scientific publications, encyclopedia entries and web publications. It has been prepared with the only intention to collect the public knowledge in one document and facilitate the understanding of the nature of cosmetics ingredients.
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