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Q&A - What is better in BIOselect hair care products

by Leo 25. December 2011 14:44

There are several advantages of BIOselect hair care products. Here are some of them:

  1. Like all BIOselect, hair care products are certified organic. The advantages can be found here.
  2. BIOselect hair care products are made with blends of essential oils. These essential oils are not only giving you pleasure when you use them but also nurture the hair in a natural way. The hair gradually becomes less brittle and more flexible and shinny. These effects are more profound in the colored hair.
  3. Our shampoos are made with very mild detergents. For example, unlike many other shampoos, we do not use SLS, the same surfactant you use to wash your clothes. SLS may be good when you wash very dirty clothes or your garage floor but when it comes into contact with your hair washes off the natural oil that is blended in your hair. Your hair looks good for a few hours but your body reacts secreting back in excess the stripped off natural oil. Very soon your hair becomes oily again and attracts dust and pollutants. Surprisingly your hair is again dirty and oily and needs to be washed again. You will be amazed to find that when you use the BIOselect products you need less washes per week, whereas you hair looks healthy and strong.

These advantages need some time build up but gradually you can see your hair becoming stronger, more flexible, looking healthier and shinny.

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Leo is a PhD chemist. He studied Chemistry in Europe and has more than 20 years of experience in Organic Chemistry. He moved to US in 2001 and since then is focusing his activity on skin care products.

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